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KIWI – Easy door access

    The mission of KIWI.Ki is to revolutionize traditional access control mechanisms by eliminating the reliance on physical keys and ushering in a digital era for door opening. In my capacity as a Product Manager, I undertook the pivotal responsibility of not only engineering a robust system for remote door lock and unlock capabilities but also ensuring an exceptional user experience.

    Collaborating closely with our adept engineering team, we explored various methods and assessed white-label hardware solutions to enable the broadest possible deployment across numerous access points. Through a series of workshops and rigorous user testing sessions, we meticulously refined our approach.

    We crafted minimum viable products, encompassing innovations from an entirely new door gateway, reimagined door knob and handle, to a KIWI.Ki-enabled device featuring an intuitive button, all designed to ensure an unequivocal user experience in the process of locking or unlocking one’s apartment door.

    The reception of our product by customers was nothing short of remarkable. It significantly enhanced the convenience and efficiency of their daily lives.

    The development of the KIWI door knob was an outcome of exhaustive testing, ultimately resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction and appreciation.

     A prototype for a Gateway. 

     The KIWI Click, a KIWI transponder with a button. The prototype for testing was just a normal version with a button connecting the battery while pressing.