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KIWI – Easy door access

    The mission of KIWI.Ki is to get rid of physical keys and digitalise the future of door opening. As a product manager I took care for the creation of first a reliable system to lock and unlock doors remotely and second create a pleasant user experience.

    In cooperation with the engineering team we tested methods and white label hardware to be able to equip as many doors as possible. In workshops and user tests we evaluated different approaches.

    We build minimal viable products from a new door gateway, the door knob and door handle to a KIWI.Ki equipped with a button to get the users intention 100% right to lock or unlock their apartment door.

    Customers loved the product. It made their lives easier and more convenient.

     The KIWI door knob was a result of numerous tests. In the end the customers liked it very much. 

     A prototype for a Gateway. 

     The KIWI Click, a KIWI transponder with a button. The prototype for testing was just a normal version with a button connecting the battery while pressing.