Product Management

Fritzing - Enabling people to work with technology

Product Management

Electronic kits are usually boring and old fashioned.

Target Audience

Children and people who love to play and learn.


An electronics kit to learn programming hardware in a playful way.

Concept and Development

We were looking for a successor of our Fritzing Starter Kit we developed some years ago. I had a lot of experience in teaching people in digital hardware and so I started designing the Fritzing Creator Kit. Together with our users, we developed a set consisting of a project based manual, a collection of inspiring components and paper models designed by the fantastic Katrin Rodegast.

testing material
Preparing testing material
Digital clay to be creative with
Brigitte Zypries checking out the Fritzing goods
Even Minister Zypries couldn't resist
Fritzing Creator Kit Box

This is the most beautiful electronic kit I've ever seen.

Eric Pan, Founder Seeedstudio

LED Matrix
Playing Pong on an LED matrix
content of the book
Projects and explanation
content of the book
Theory for the interested ones
Video of the accompanying book
Product review by
content of the book