Build your own midi controller today!

midiBricks is an easy to use toolkit for everybody who always wanted to build a custom midi controller without having to pick up a soldering iron or get into programming.

midiBricks is coming with a master module equipped with a USB connection. It will be recognized by your computer as a regular MIDI device right away.

My dear friend Florian Fusco and his midiBrick device.

You can either attach them with screw or use Velcro and build your own custom baseplate.


Master module

This is the central element of the midiBricks. It provides the connections which are grouped by their functionality. The following schematics shows the intended purpose of each port.

Potentiometer module

The potentiometer is a knob which you can use to for example controll effects.

FSR module

This module is a pressure sensitive component. Attached to a note connection, you can play a tone leader by pushing it from soft to hard.

Fader module

The fader is a slider which you can use to for example control effects.

Light module

This module reacts of the amount of light that hits the sensor. If you put your hand on top of it you could for example influence a tone.

Drawing module

Attach crocodile cables to the module and draw some tunes. It reacts to resistances, for example the line of a pencil.


This images shows the module in action. One cable is connected to the paper and the other to the pencil. If want want to use it to influence a tone, just draw a connecting line.

Vibration module

This module can create vibrations. This is for example very usefull for the midi clock signal.

Free module

This module is made for everybody who wants to create her/his own extentions to the midiBricks: solder time!

Acceleration module

This module is changing its parameter depending on the velocity or position.


You can order the PCBs via Email or build your own for your private or professional use (not to resell).