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Product Tree Game – Prioritising features

The product tree game form Janna Bastow (ProdPad) is a great way to prioritize features and functionalities with teams. I heard about it in this talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPIVcAIXsh4

«The Product Tree is what you’ll use to run your session. It consists of four elements:

  • The trunk represents the core features already in your products.
  • The branches are feature branches. Optionally, you can increase the thickness of branches that are more important.
  • The leaves are individual features that the workshop participants will place on the branches. The closer the leaves are to the trunk, the closer they are to being delivered.
  • The roots represent the infrastructure that supports your product. As with any tree, the bigger it gets, the more support it needs from its roots – so remember your technology as you expand your feature list.

» – https://www.prodpad.com/blog/product-tree-game/