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    Welcome to Chickenrun, an innovative endeavor aimed at the metamorphosis of a mere wall into a vibrant circuit board canvas. Our initiative involves augmenting a Graffiti image through the integration of light and animation, culminating in an impactful visual representation. The core theme of this artwork is a profound exploration and critique of intensive livestock farming practices.

    The project’s genesis involved collaborative brainstorming and ideation within our proficient team, laying the groundwork for a conceptual framework that reimagines breadboard prototyping principles within vertical structures. This intricate process involved sophisticated embedded programming techniques, elevating the fusion of art and technology.

    Situated prominently on the Wall of Fame in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Chickenrun came to life in 2010 under the auspices of the University of Applied Science Potsdam. The dedicated team behind this project comprised individuals with diverse expertise and contributions, notably including Jennifer, Stefan, Somad, and Gast 13.

    Chickenrun stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, sparking critical conversations, and utilizing technology as a medium for social commentary. It embodies the convergence of creativity, technology, and social consciousness, encapsulating a narrative that speaks volumes about our collective vision and dedication to transformative art.