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Fritzing Creator Kit

    The Fritzing Creator Kit provided a fast, easy and–most important–entertaining introduction to the world of interactive electronics.

    The beginners book teaches everything one need to know through a series of practical exercises. It is arranged in a playful and project orientated way.

    There is a paper robot who can turn his head; a fortune teller who is (of course) never wrong (no guarantee of that); a dinosaur who relays the news of the personal Twitter stream and a pong game on a big LED matrix display.

    The box is sturdy and provides enough extra space to transport build projects.

    Components and wires are stored in sub-containers, which keep everything organized and visible.

    The Creator Kit was made in Germany. It was created in a Co-Creation process with the help of many Fritzing users.

    Learning set to dive into the world of programming hardware.

    • Co-Creation process of the perfect Arduino starter kit
    • Product development and product management
    • Package concept and design
    • Educational concept and writing of the book
    • Production planing
    • Establishing the supply chain
    • 2010 at IXDS / Fritzing