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    Introducing Drawbots: diminutive, autonomous robots designed to traverse surfaces in an intriguingly erratic manner while leaving behind an artistic imprint. These bots consist of batteries and a vibration motor affixed to the head of a toothbrush. The vibration generated by the motor propels the Drawbot in unpredictable patterns, trailing a line with a pen affixed at its rear.

    Following their physical manifestation, the subsequent challenge lay in replicating this dynamic motion within a Java program to simulate a comparable behavior. This involved the evolution of the concept of drawing agents and the intricate translation of their motion into a Java algorithm, effectively mirroring the spontaneity and complexity of their physical counterparts.

    Originating in 2008 at the University of Applied Science Potsdam, this innovative project ventured into the realm of physical objects, harnessing their movements to create captivating and intricate patterns. Drawbots represent a fusion of technology, art, and programming, exemplifying our commitment to exploring the synergy between physical motion, algorithmic behavior, and artistic expression.

    2008 at the University of Applied Science Potsdam