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    Enter Edgies, an innovative concept redefining electronic prototyping by introducing specialized components designed to expand the functionality of a breadboard. At its core, Edgies revolutionizes the conventional breadboard by embodying the principle of a software library translated into a tangible hardware library of components.

    This groundbreaking concept integrates the silkscreen of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as an instructional guide, elucidating the function of each component. Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the power rails and pins of a breadboard, Edgies significantly augment its capabilities, offering enhanced prototyping possibilities.

    The genesis of Edgies involved the comprehensive development of strategies to extend the breadboard’s utility, spanning from conceptualization to the meticulous creation of PCB layouts. Additionally, plans were formulated for small-scale production, and marketing materials were crafted to introduce and showcase the innovation to the wider community.

    Conceived in 2011 at IXDS / Fritzing, Edgies represents a leap forward in electronic extensions for breadboards, encapsulating a visionary approach that amalgamates functionality, instructional design, and practicality into a singular prototyping solution.