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FLOW – concept of a digital kitchen assistant

    Meet FLOW, a visionary digital kitchen assistant conceived with a forward-looking perspective on future home environments. Envisioned against the backdrop of an era where mounting expansive screens on walls becomes as commonplace as painting them, FLOW reimagines the kitchen space as a dynamic hub empowered by digital assistance and immersive ambiance.

    Designed to be an indispensable companion during culinary endeavors, FLOW enhances cooking experiences while effortlessly adapting to various contexts, setting the right mood for any occasion. Beyond its role in the kitchen, FLOW transcends geographical boundaries, serving as a medium for communication in an era where physical proximity is no longer a prerequisite for connection.

    While our team passionately presented this groundbreaking project to Siemens’ Home Appliances Design Award in 2016, it encountered skepticism. Siemens deemed FLOW as too futuristic and impractical for present-day implementation, noting its deviation from the conventional cube-shaped home appliance.

    Conceived in 2015 at the University of Applied Science Potsdam, FLOW embodies our commitment to redefining the future of domestic spaces. Despite the initial reservations encountered, this innovative concept represents our bold vision for integrating technology seamlessly into everyday life, paving the way for a more interconnected and immersive living experience.


    • Simone Sollmann
    • Jasper Precht (in the early stage)
    • Stefan Hermann