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Lensless Smart Sensor (LSS)

    Exploring the groundbreaking potential of the Lensless Smart Sensor (LSS) developed by Rambus, our focus was on identifying diverse use cases and crafting prototypes to showcase the capabilities of this innovative and cost-effective optical sensor. Comprising a traditional CCD, a specialized foil, and a logic chip that interprets incoming light, the LSS stands as a pioneering solution in the realm of optical sensing technology.

    Our dedicated team embarked on a multifaceted journey, collaborating closely to conceptualize and refine various applications for the LSS. This collective effort led to the creation of compelling prototypes that vividly illustrated the immense potential inherent in this sensor technology.

    Moreover, our involvement extended beyond the prototyping phase as we played a pivotal role in facilitating the documentation process, ensuring that the insights gleaned and the innovative possibilities demonstrated through these prototypes were meticulously recorded and shared.

    This initiative, which took shape in 2012 at IXDS, underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Through our rigorous development of concepts, hands-on prototyping, and meticulous documentation, we aimed to unveil the transformative capabilities of the Lensless Smart Sensor, paving the way for its applications across diverse industries and use cases.

    • 2012 for IXDS