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Transmedia Express – Concept for a Maker faire

    Enter Transmedia Express, an ambitious initiative envisioned as an exhibition concept designed for the prestigious platform of the Goethe Institute, centered around the vibrant world of maker culture.

    As an integral part of this innovative endeavor, my role involved spearheading the conceptualization of a Maker Faire aimed to be hosted at the Goethe Institutes in collaboration with a dedicated team. This endeavor aimed to infuse creativity, technology, and hands-on engagement within the Maker Faire framework.

    One of the pivotal contributions was the conception and execution of an Arduino workshop, meticulously curated to offer participants an immersive and comprehensive experience. This involved not only ideating the workshop’s content but also procuring and organizing all essential materials, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning environment.

    Further enhancing the project’s depth, I took charge of video recording, overseeing the editing process, and orchestrating post-production efforts to create a compelling and informative documentation of the concept.

    Under the esteemed leadership of Prof. Constanze Langer from the University of Applied Science Potsdam, this multifaceted initiative ventured to bridge technology, creativity, and education. Transmedia Express embodies our commitment to fostering innovation, hands-on learning, and collaborative exploration within the dynamic realm of maker culture.

    2015, University of Applied Science Potsdam, Lead: Prof. Constanze Langer