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    The Smartbits represent an accessible and user-friendly toolkit designed to seamlessly link sensors and actuators to the expansive realm of the Internet. Anchored by the Spark Proton development board, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, this innovative prototype facilitates the connection of various modules via headphone jacks, ushering in a new era of IoT (Internet of Things) development.

    At its core, Smartbits embodies a democratized approach to IoT development, offering a toolkit accessible to all, fostering hands-on exploration and experimentation in this burgeoning technological domain.

    Pioneered in 2012 at IXDS / Fritzing, the Smartbits concept encompasses the notion of modular electronic devices, providing a foundational framework that enables the rapid prototyping and seamless integration of sensors and actuators into the vast landscape of the Internet. This initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to demystifying IoT development, making it accessible and engaging for enthusiasts and innovators alike.

    • Concept of modular electronic devices
    • Prototype of the concept
    • 2012 at IXDS / Fritzing


    André Knörig
    Stefan Hermann