Stefan Hermann

The heart of a maker,

the mind of a nerd.

Start Hardware

The most visited german speaking Arduino website.

  • Unique visitors monthly: 40.000
  • Sessions monthly: 56.000
  • Articles: 227
  • Average time on page: 2:31

Fritzing Fabrication Service

Prototyping service for printed circuit boards

  • Easy export from design to production
  • Down to one week of production time
  • Orders of one unit possible
  • Professionally produced PCB
  • Sold to the great people of AISLER

KIWI.Ki Smart door knob + KIWI Click

Expanding the KIWI service to apartment doors.

  • Upgrading doors with digital lock solution
  • Easy install and management
  • User intention check through the KIWI Click key fob
  • Door opening through app as well

KIWI Basement

In order to equip basement doors with the KIWI door access service, I created the KIWI basement product. It easily integrates into excisting infrastructure to offer the best user experience.

  • Upgrade set for basement doors
  • Complete installation guide
  • Setting up the communication strategy for the product

Fritzing Creator Kit

The most playful Arduino Starter Kit on the market!

  • Project based learning
  • More than 25 experiments
  • More than 10.000 units sold

Kein Mensch braucht Smarthome

Do Smarthome products solve relevant problems of their users?

  • Research project and master thesis
  • Market and technology research
  • User research with 10 participants
  • Practical outcome: Smarthome prototyping setup


A tool kit for musicians to build modular MIDI controllers

  • Research project in Co-creation
  • Applying user insights to the product development
  • Product using known patterns of musicians like audio-jacks and interface elements

Geeny IoT Platform by Telefonica

Creating a developer outreach strategy for the Consumer IoT Platform Geeny

  • Setting up Hackathons
  • Concepting concepts for fairs and events
  • Generating interest in the platform

Learning Arduino

A complete guide to enter the world of Arduino and electrons.

  • Listed on Apple Books
  • Project based chapters
  • Theory part for deep dives


The future belongs to the people who are willing to make their hands dirdy.

I love spending time in the shop: sawing, milling, cutting, soldering, CNC, 3d printing, welding, electronics.